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Payment instructions


  MED (B+D) Declaration of conformity

  MED (B) Type approval certificate all lights

  MED (B) Type approval masthead lights

  MED (D)  Module D Certificate

  Type approval Lopolight Monitoring Relay

             Price Lists & Brochures:

  General Terms and Conditions

  Range Brochure

  Deck-Spreader-Interior Lights Brochure

  Control & Monitoring Systems Brochure

  Professional Series Brochure

  Product selection guide

  Mounting options for Horizontal mount lights

              Special products:

  Lopolight NAVY & SAR lights

  Lopolight Floodlights

  Lopolight High Intensity Spreader light

              Cable Specifications:
4 - wire cable

  3 - wire cable

  2 - wire cable 

              Installation & controllers:
 General electrical Installation Guide

  Cable Dimensioning Chart

  Lopolight Monitoring Relay P/N 400-018

  Data communication protocol for LMR

  Alarm multiplexer P/N 400-025

  Dimmer for deck/interior lights P/N 400-126