Service & Warranty

Lopolight is ready to assist you in the event that you experience problems with your Lopolight product.

Please read the official Lopolight Warranty Policy here.

It states- expressed in common language - that any Lopolight Navigation Light is covered by a 5 year limited warranty. So in the event of failure, Lopolight will exchange a failing light with a working light.

Lopolight will cover freight costs to you if the light is less than 2 years old, for older lights we will charge freight based on actual cost.

Now - the nature of our products and their use, means that often the light can be far away from the original place of purchase.

It will, in many cases, be accepted that you do not return the failing light. Lopolight may also ask you to send a picture to document the case.

In addtion PLEASE fill-out the warranty claim form precisely and completely.

After Lopolight receives your claim, it will be decided if the product is under warranty and whether it is necessary for you to return the failing light.

Please observe if the serial number of the defective product is lower than 60109183, we will need some proof of purchase.

Lopolight will revert to you with further instructions by mail.

YES - I have read all this. Including the official
policy. Please bring me to the warranty claim form!