The Perfect Super Yacht
Navigation Light System

Elegant design, high quality materials and worldwide approvals – your yacht deserves nothing less!
Lopolight offers a full range of navigation lights dedicated for super yachts of all sizes, resulting in a compact and precise solution in many combinations that allows for elegant installations. Available as both single and double lights for redundancy. 
Navigation light control and monitoring is important. Lopolight offers many options for interfacing and integration into the bridge system – whilst remaining quite compact – and type approved!
The range is complete with combination lights, such as a masthead with anchor or innovative 180° lights that mounts very discreetly on your mast to form Not Under Command lights or other signal light tasks.
Should you wish to explore the high latitudes, the Lopolight super yacht range also includes ice-class lights with a built-in defroster – whilst maintaining the small form factor. 

Service, end-to-end

The famous Lopolight service is not only a 5 year warranty but also an offer of assistance for creating the best solution precisely for your yacht. 

All our lights are documented in 2D and 3D to give the naval architect the perfect platform to work from, go to the products page, here the drawings will be waiting for you.

You are also invited to share the details of your vessel with us, including special requests for customized installation - and we will revert with a proposal.  If you cannot wait for this, we have created a few popular selections for you available below.

All over the world

Navigating the straits and canals of the world requires a number of special lights – the good news is that we have them all ready for you. From hoistable Suez Canal “Christmas-tree lights” and red stern light to dimmable Panama steering light. Even Malacca Strait crossing lights and Kiel Canal green stern lights are available. 
Or how about a flashing red stop light for ice-breaker assistance that can double up as a Suez Canal stern light?