Portable navigation light

- Rugged, magnetic mounted, battery powered.
For use in applications where ships power is not availble and navigation lights are required for safety. Such as barges and unmanned vessels. The unit is powered by 18/20V power tool batteries allowing a working time of up to 200 hours - 3 weeks of operation. The daylight switch function maximises battery life. increasing the iterval between rechanging.The battery pack is based on well-known power-tool batteries from

With a multiple choice of options

Rugged, battery powered navigation light system for barges/unpowered vessels The unit is equipped with a certified Lopolight navigation light, and a high-capacity battery pack. The daylight switch function ensures long battery life, minimizing the need for navigation light service on the towed vessel. The battery pack is based on well-known power-tool batteries. DeWalt battery packs are supported.



Based on the standard Lopolight K-lock system.  The K-lock system enables you to change the navigation light function in seconds. Any standard (circular) Lopolight navigation light can be fitted. (Typically Starboard, Port, Stern, Amber flashing or Blue steering light).

Portable power

The daylight switch / battery management function ensures intelligent battery utilization.  The battery pack holds up to three individual power-tool batteries. The battery management function ensures that the batteries are discharged in succession, meaning that if you have been towing “for just a few days” it may be enough to change just one of the individual batteries for a newly charged unit. The indicators on the front clearly indicates which (of the three) batteries that may need a recharge.

Daylight switch function

The daylight switch function is calibrated to switch the navigation light on/off at 100/200Lux – as specified by rules and regulations. Battery life time up to 25 days

Powerful magnetic fixture

Three super-magnet holds the box into place on the (steel) vessel The box is equipped with three powerful magnets that will hold the unit in place under most circumstances, reducing the installation time to a few seconds. The magnets are placed in a triangular pattern for optimal hull-contact, and still enabling easy retrieval.


Sturdy and waterproof “PELICASE” enclosure. The portable navigation light box is designed to “take the beating” presented by the harsh environment in daily heavy-industrial use. Waterproof to IP-67, and will withstand most common mechanical impacts.