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The Lopolight network of dealers, integrators and installers is expanding – if you want to be part of our success please contact us on info@lopolight.com

David Hellar
Sales Director - USA

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A driven sales manager who can lead and motivate others, to achieve sales objectives. Excellent ability to absorb new sales techniques quickly as well as the ability to oversee multiple tasks simultaneously. Experienced in speaking directly to decision makers by establishing strong and profitable relationships. Top-ranked sales professional with a demonstrated record of success in sales. Excellent communication skills, able to develop strong business relationships with co-workers and clientele. Demonstrated history of successful building, motivating sales teams. to exceed goals and meet dead lines.Expert at developing and encouraging employees to assume higher levels of responsibility via a strong sense of team work and sales leadership.

Mike Booth
Sales Director - Europe

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Working directly with Lopolight since 2014, and previously as a distributor Mike offers strong
technical support and training of the Lopolight product range, backed up with many years of experience and practical knowledge.

Supporting the brand towards our customers and developing new markets. In addition establishing Lopolight UK with his team for product sales and distribution. 

Based in Edinburgh Scotland.

Michael Krumbæk
Technical sales manager - Denmark

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Part of the technical team with strong knowledge of marine electronic integration backup with 30 years of hands on experience. Michael has worked with some of the biggest names in marine electronics in both technical and sales positions.

Part of both the sales and the technical teams, Michael is supporting shipyards and the dealer network providing in depth project support ranging from a new yacht to the latest military autonomous vessel.

As sales manager Michael also takes care of our Danish and Swedish customers.

Maëlle Montel
Sales Development – France

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Reinforce Lopolight business activity in France.  
French, Spanish and English-speaking rep Strong Sales experiences, Proactive, organized. 

Based in Lorient (Brittany), known as the French sailing Mecca

Marco Ravaioli
Sales manager - Italy

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Marco, working from our office in Genoa supports the Italian market. With a strong background in marine sales Marco operates within commercial sector whilst working with our  long time partner Special Rig (Armare) in the leisure and superyacht markets . 

Russ Patton
Regional sales manager, USA and Canada

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Russ has been in the maritime sector his entire career. With 22 years in the US Coast Guard, almost half of which were underway, as an integrator and operator of complex electronic Navigation and Communications systems. After the Coast Guard, Russ held various rolls in Sales, Engineering and Shipbuilding positions. He has been an integral part of the Engineering teams for Icebreakers for the US Coast Guard and National Science Foundation built in Wisconsin. Most recently, Russ was part of the core team which won the prestigious contact for the US Navy Guided Missile Frigate (FFG).

Russ’ territory is the Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest and Canada. He resides with his family (and chocolate lab Ace) in Northeast Wisconsin.

Melle Klazinga
Sales Manager – Benelux

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Melle comes with 12 years of experience working with Lopolight, both in the capacity as distributor and now as Sales Manager applying his deep product and market insights to help Lopolight customers, installers, and distributors to get the very best navigation light solution.

As an accomplished sailor himself, Melle knows the sea and the challenges our customers vessels will be subject to, there is no better advisor to specify the system required – or troubleshoot if required.

Melle is a native Dutchman from Amsterdam, conversant in Dutch, English and German languages – so do not hesitate to contact him.



Today Lopolight is firmly established as a leader within navigational lighting worldwide, with both the products and the company matured and robust, we stand ready to service your every need within this sector.

has bee 
LED navigation lights

to sailors around the world
with the promise of

‘fit ‘n forget’

Around 200.000
Lopolight Navigation
lights later

Headquartered in Humlebæk north of Copenhagen with a modern factory and employing 25 highly skilled associates, and with offices in USA, UK, France and Italy, Lopolight is ready to take on the future!

Early 2019 a majority of the lights was re-launched with new optics, new LEDs, new electronics and with the same trusted design.

The 3rd party testing of the new lights and the continuing lights was expanded to not only cover the European Wheelmark, but also the recently published set of US Coast Guard guidance on LED nav lights and ABS type approval of the complete navigation light system – the lights together with the control and monitoring system.

The range of products is extensive and will cover all needs. Should you nevertheless have a requirement for your ship that is not in our range we will build it for you, the modular design and having the factory a few steps away makes this possible.


With a strong background in marketing of one of the world’s strongest brands and fresh of a singlehanded non-stop circumnavigation in 2004, Jan joined forces with Peter to create the company Lopolight. Jan was then totally convinced about the uniqueness of the Lopolight promise of fit ’n forget – after testing some of the very first Lopolights for 40.000 nautical miles. 

His passion for all types of vessels is strong, from roaming around in the engine room of the 1959 restored  ocean going tug “Elbe” and marveling the engineering of that time, or assisting with a re-fit of nav lights on a chemical tanker, to sailing his 49’ sailboat home to Denmark from Italy last year. 

Today Jan’s enthusiasm for the Lopolight products is unwavering and he is on a quest to drive Lopolight ahead to even higher accomplishments.

The passion for Lopolight and the sea is shared with his wife, Merete, who serves at Lopolight as customer service manager.


Engineering and innovation are the defining professional characteristics of the inventor of Lopolight. A rare combination of the capabilities of electronic and mechanical engineering forms the background from which the unique Lopolight design stems from. 

Peter is a lifelong entrepreneur with roots in the long-disappeared photo-finishing industry, taking over the family company after his father at a very young age and continuing in that line of work until the very end of the classic photo era. 

In 2002 he volunteered to help a rather hapless sailor with a dream to sail around the world, aside from his monumental effort in getting the boat seaworthy, which meant 33 nights in a row away from the family, he graciously offered to sponsor the LED navigation lights. 

The co-operation and friendship between Peter and Jan formed in those days, continued during the successful voyage, where Peter was a core part of the shore crew, into today’s partnership at Lopolight.


Navigation lights are one of the most important tools to avoid collisions at night. The comfort provided by equipment that you can trust and allow you to relax a little bit is just priceless.