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Personal data policy

Lopolight ApS ensures confidentiality regarding the information that we receive, process and work with, and we constantly seek to ensure that we comply with applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.
This personal data policy explains our processing of personal data and the rights you have.

Purpose of treatment activities:
We collect and store personal data as part of the exercise of our regular employee, supplier and customer relationships.
During our activities we come into possession of personal information when it comes to suppliers and customers, these are only contact information such as name, position, company address, email and phone numbers.

The data we receive in connection with our company is considered confidential material and is processed accordingly.
We do not register sensitive personal information such as race, religion, political affiliation, etc. We are not interested in receiving such information and reserve the right to reject and delete it.
Disclosure of personal information:
Disclosure of personal data takes place only in connection with payroll processing and as part of any reports to public authorities.
We do not disclose personal information to unauthorized third parties unless we have been required to do so by a court.

Documents with sensitive personal data are stored in a folder, the folder will be locked when not in use.
Personally sensitive data is stored in our file system, in a folder which is only available to the company's management. Access to the folder can only be accessed by created users, and by using a personal password.
Internal guidelines:
We have established internal guidelines for the processing of personal data and ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Regulation.

Deletion of information:
We store personal information for a minimum of 5 years, cf. the statute of limitations. In certain cases, we may consider it relevant and appropriate to keep the information for a longer period.

Your rights:
As a registered person, you have rights that we as data controller and data processor are obliged to inform you about.
You can always contact us and gain insight into what personal information we hold about you. In the same way, you can correct your information if it turns out that it is not correctly registered.

Your rights include data portability, ie. your right to control your own data. If you want this information we have registered about you to be deleted, or that we restrict the processing of your data, please contact us. The same applies if you wish to make objection processing of our contact information.

Data manager and data processor is:
Lopolight ApS, CVR no. 27909868, Bakkegaardsvej 513, 3050 Humlebaek, Denmark.

You can contact the management at the above address, by e-mail and on tel. No. 32485030.

If you wish to complain about our processing of personal data, please send an email with the details of your complaint to the one of the above email address we will then process the complaint and return.
You also have the right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency in accordance with your rights regarding our processing of your personal data. In this connection, we refer to the Danish Data Protection Agency's website


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