Lopolight is ready to assist you if you experience problems with your Lopolight product. Please read the official Lopolight Warranty Policy.  Lopolight Warranty Policy.

In short:
• 5 years warranty!
• Light only, no installation cost covered.
• If light is less than 2 years old we will cover freight to you
• If light is more than 2 years old you will pay for freight of the new light
• We need pictures of the defective light
• Only sometimes do we need the light returned to us

Please observe if the serial number of the defective product is lower than 60137882, we will need some proof of purchase. Lopolight will reply you with further instructions by mail.

YES - I have read all this. Including the official policy. Please bring me to the warranty claim form!





To speed up the Claim process, we need as accurate and detailed images as possible of the defective product.

Here you can see which image documentation we need to be able to make dianosis and make a decision about the right treatment of the complaint.

A minimum requirement of image documentation.
1. Topview + 2. Lensview + 3. Bottomview + 4. Sideview

In addition to speeding up the process, it helps our ambition to avoid asking for the product to be returned, we will only ask for a return if the root cause of the failure is not established with the descriptions and photos received.









Please follow the steps outlined in the video.

It is mandatory to fill in the serial number, we know that it sometimes is difficult, but we need it to validate with our production data. All the fields with an * are mandatory fields – the form will not be sent unless these fields are completed.

After sending the claim form you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have provided with a RMA number, please check that you have received this email, if you have not received this email then the claim form has NOT been sent. You will need to repeat the claim process.

The RMA number should be used if you want to get in touch with us regarding your claim.